Danielle Keller

What bridesmaids should pay for

Danielle Keller
What bridesmaids should pay for

Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility and a financial commitment - here's what you should except to pay for if you're a bridesmaid! 

Bridesmaid dress: 

When you accept the role of a bridesmaid you should know purchasing a dress for the wedding is entailed. This also includes and specific shoes / jewelry the bride wants you to wear that day. If you are a bride and have a few bridesmaid who are budget conscious, consider doing a mix and match look so each girl can find a dress in their budget. 

Bridal Shower: 

The bridal shower costs are usually covered by whoever is throwing the party. If the bridal party is throwing it, they should split the cost evenly. If a family member is hosting, it is still a kind gesture to offer to help in anyways if you a bridesmaid. 

Bachelorette party:

If you're staying in town and having a fun night out the bridal party should split the cost amongst themselves. The bride should not have to spend money at her bachelorette party! If you are heading out of town you can make arrangements as you see necessary; we recommend the bride would pay for her own travel and accommodations but the bridesmaid split the nights out evenly as if you were in your hometown. 

Hair and Makeup:

If the bride gives you the option to have your hair and makeup done the bridesmaid is expected to pay the fee + tip. 


If you're a bridesmaid and you are wondering if you still need to give the bride and grooms gifts the answer is YES! You are expected to still give a gift at the bridal shower and the wedding itself. If you have a smaller budget consider teaming up with another bridesmaid and go into getting a gift together.