Danielle Keller

Restaurant Reception

Danielle Keller
Restaurant Reception

Looking for a wedding venue with personality that is a little more low-key? Look no further than your favorite restaurant! 


If you're a huge foodie and want to ensure your guests will leave happy (and full) you and your fiancées favorite restaurant might be the perfect venue to hold your reception! Keep reading for our tips when it comes to having a restaurant reception! 

The Venue: 

We recommend going with a restaurant you love but one that has also done weddings in the past. Working with a venue that is used to doing events and weddings will make the whole process easier for you and your husband in the long run!  

The decor: 

Choosing your favorite hip restaurant as your wedding venue has more perks than just killer food; the decor of the restaurant will already have a district style to it. You'll also save a bit of money by not having to rent tables, chairs, etc! 

Accenting the tables with center pieces or incorporating your wedding colors into the napkins are simple things you can do to really make the space feel like your wedding venue (instead of just a restaurant). 

The food:

A major perk of having a restaurant reception is the guaranteed amazing food. Talk with the venue to see which options you have or if you can personalize the menu! I love the idea of turning your reception into one big dinner party for your guests. 

You can also get creative when it comes to dessert! Check our their dessert menu and see what could be in place of the traditional cake. 


Make sure whatever venue you choose has the aesthetic you like as well as good lighting for pictures! 

After dinner festivities: 

Keep in mind that a restaurant wedding may not be for brides who are planning on having a huge wedding... Some restaurants may only have a capacity of 50 people. Get the logistics of the venue handled first before you decide if the restaurant vibe is right for you. 

Check to see if they can accommodate a dance floor. If you want to get down with your guests after dinner this is a huge priority!