Danielle Keller

Bridal gown shopping tips you may not have heard before

Danielle Keller
Bridal gown shopping tips you may not have heard before

Bridal gown shopping tips you may have not heard before 


You may have been dreaming of your wedding gown since you were young and know the style, fit, and fabric you want. Or you have never thought about the gown until your friends were nagging you to go shopping! Either way, finding your perfect gown can be overwhelming. A wedding gown is the most expensive garment many women will ever purchase, so the pressure can feel real. 

Your dress should set the tone for the wedding, no matter where the location is. Theres different styles for every bride getting married at every destination. It may feel overwhelming when you're hearing all these new words you don't know; silk satin, chiffon, tulle, aline, trumpet, organza, etc. Which one is best for your location? What fabrics trap the most heat? You will have so many questions, but don't fret - you will have a stylist there to answer them all. 

The choices can seem overwhelming for sure. It doesn't matter your budget, style, or timeline, Mon Amie is here to help! Read our tips and tricks you may not have thought of when searching for your wedding gown. 

1. Educate yourself on bridal sizing

Bridal sizes run crazy small... For what reason? We don't know... But we don't want you to be discouraged when you see you're measuring 1-3 sizes larger than normal street clothes. No one will know the size, and you will look stunning regardless of the number. 

2. Shop early

Wedding gowns take 6-10 months to be produced and ship to our store. Keep in mind you will also need 6-8 weeks for alternations before the big day. 

3. Know your theme / vibe before hand

Before you start shopping for a wedding dress make sure you know which vibe you and your fiance want to go for... Dresses for a romantic beach wedding will be much different than a gown for a grand ballroom. 

4. Pick three adjectives to describe your dream dress

Whether it be romantic, elegant, and lightweight or glam, romantic, and beautiful, if you tell your stylist these tree adjectives it will help narrow down your choices. 

5. Choose who you bring wisely

Theres nothing worse than falling in love with a gown and one of your friends mentions they don't like the lace detail.... It's important to bring the people you love with you and peoples who opinions matter the most. 

6. Decide if you're more traditional or trendy 

If you're the classic bride who want's to look timeless on her wedding day, start with lace gowns. If you want to be up to date with some of the trends try a more chic simple look, maybe add a cape! There are so many styles so make sure to be open to try new things!