Danielle Keller

Unique wedding dessert

Danielle Keller
Unique wedding dessert

Non traditonal bride? We got you.

Macaron Cake | My personal favorite! Macarons are not only adorable, they are also delicious! This Macaron cake will add a touch of elegance to your big day.

Candy Bar | This idea is perfect not only for weddings but bridal showers, too! A candy bar is a fun way to incorporate tons of different desserts!


Donuts | Donuts are the perfect wedding dessert because they're cheap, easy, and delicious! You can shake it up and make a donut wall or go for the simple donut cake. Either way, your dessert will be a hit.

Cookie Cake | This cookie cake has my mouth watering. This cake is perfect for the cookie lovers of the world! You could also pass out mini cookies to all of your guests (and save the big cake for you and your husband)!


A few more unique ideas | Pies! If you're not a cake fan, pies are the perfect substitution. You can incorporate every type of pie so your guests will have a hard time choosing their favorite!

Canoli cake | I am a huge fan of canolis; the idea of having them as a wedding dessert is right up my alley!

Milk & Cookies | How cute is this?! It's the perfect after dinner snack to give your guests.