Danielle Keller

2018 Wedding Trends

Danielle Keller
2018 Wedding Trends


2018 is here and we are seeing new bridal trends happening already! 

Metallics - This is a HUGE trend we have been seeing with bridesmaids, decor, cakes, ect! Watch out; metallic silver, gold, and rose gold are taking the bride scene by storm. If you're into the mix & match bridal party idea this is a great color scheme to play around with. Mixing medals is a huge trend not only in bridal but in fashion as a whole! 

Minimal gowns - A new trend we think you will be seeing more of as the year goes on is minimal wedding gowns. Simple is a STATEMENT! Just a different than one a full beaded or lace gown would make. Brides are loving clean lines and minimal detail to really show themselves off. 

Floral walls + hanging floral arrangements - It's no secret that flower walls became a trend when Kanye West bought one for Kim Kardashian... But we are not complaining! We love the idea as a backdrop or even a fun photo wall.

You will see more hanging floral arrangements this coming wedding season. It's a fun and unique way to incorporate flowers in place of a normal chandelier. 

Showing some skin - This trend is for sure not for every bride but I think you will be seeing more brides showing a little skin! It may be with a low back, or a plunging neckline; either way some of these brides are not afraid to show themselves off (and we love it)! 

Unique Food - Brides and grooms are becoming more obsessed with cool and unique food to serve to their guests! Spice things up a little by putting something on the menu you wouldn't traditionally see. 

Creative dessert displays - This goes hand in hand with having unique food at your wedding. We can bet you will start to see a lot more donut walls, pie towers, macaron cakes and everything in between at future weddings! 

Off the shoulder dresses - This bridal trend is definitely not new for 2018 but it is a trend that you will see continuing on into this new year. Brides are loving the feminine look an off the shoulder dress gives!