Danielle Keller

Mon Amies own Disney Princess

Danielle Keller
Mon Amies own Disney Princess


Fairytales do come true! Sarah and Gilbert's wedding is proof of that magic.

Sarah came into Mon Amie looking for a gown fit for a princess and that is exactly what she got! Her Stephen Yearick // Ysa Makino gown is everything a Disney Princess would want! Sarah brought this gown to life and we could not be happier to have been a small part in her bridal experience.


Let's learn a little more about the Disney couple! 

How did you meet?

SARAH: I’ve always dreamt of love at first sight. The type of love that knocks you off your feet. The fairytale ending where the girl ends up marrying the man of her dreams. But little did I know that my future husband was right under my nose.

In the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks of college at UC Berkeley, it seemed like I met hundreds of new faces. Amidst the sounds of “hi” and “hello” in the busiest areas of campus, I met Gilbert. “Wow - he’s one tall Filipino,” I thought. Standing at 6’1”, Gilbert’s smile was so charming and disarming, and his positivity radiated throughout the crowd. He waved at me with his arms wide open, indicating that he was going in for a hug. Even with me, a new girl on campus - a stranger, he showed such an openness and big heart.

That year that we met, I was a freshman and he was a graduating senior at Cal. Throughout the school year, he was a constant friend that I would occasionally bump into, but was always in the background. Little did I know that I would bump into him for the next 4 years because he ended up accepting a job on campus. These run ins happened more often because we ended up living across the street from each other. I became the girl next door. At the end of the day, we always walked home together from campus, since my classes and his workplace were right next to each other.

Spending more and more time with each other, I saw the depth of Gilbert’s love and his big heart. I could always count on his jokes and sense of humor to uplift me on a bad day. Gilbert is a romantic at heart. Add that to his thoughtfulness, his unwavering dedication, his patience, and his optimism.

How would you describe your relationship?

GILBERT: Aside from going to Disneyland, we love watching movies or tv shows while cuddled up on the couch, watching sports (Warriors, 49ers, Giants), exploring new cities, trying new cuisines, learning how to cook, going to the gym, learning new skills, and crafting/being creative together. We love having fun and trying out new adventures. She is my best friend, my partner in life and everything we do. We can’t wait to get married in September!

What is your favorite thing about each other and favorite thing about Disney?

GILBERT: I love Sarah’s strong faith, expressiveness, kindness, and her gift for seeing the best in people and helping them reach their true potential. She’s always up for an adventure.

My favorite thing about Disney is how much wonder and joy Disney brings into people’s lives. Whether it’s Disneyland, movies, TV shows, or anything in between, Disney’s sheer ability to bring a smile to people’s faces is inspiring and heartwarming.

SARAH: Gilbert and I have a common love for all things nerdy - this is almost a given since we both studied engineering at Cal! From Star Wars and Action Sci-fi, to Disney and Romantic Comedies, Gilbert and I realized that we had more in common than at first glance.

Gilbert is the man I’m destined to marry. His constant positivity is what fuels me each day, and he complements me in every way. I never knew that someone could love me, with my weird quirks and crazy personality. Gilbert’s steadfast love keeps me grounded, and his support makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I want in this world!

Sarah - your dress! How did you choose it? And how did you choose your after-party dress?

SARAH : After more than a hundred dresses, I couldn’t find “the one” -- so I found something closest to it, and had it custom made by the designer Leigh Price from YSA Makino. To be honest, I scoured all of the Bay Area and the entirety of Northern California. I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me, and so I decided to go to Southern California to try on dresses there. I went to these fittings either by myself or with my best friend/Maid of Honor, because I wanted to make sure my voice was strong and heard. After more than a hundred dresses, I finally tried on a dress that I thought was “good enough” - it had some adjustments here and there, and I thought I could just get it fixed by the salon. But it was my second to the last dress shop appointment for the day. My best friend told me to just hold off, and go to my last appointment. Seriously? I was dead tired after 20 appointments within a span of 2 days. I wasn’t sure I could last one more dress shop, but I obliged. We went to Mon Amie Bridal Salon in Costa Mesa on a holiday weekend, and it was like a madhouse! How could I find my dream dress here with a full house of ladies, champagne popping, and screaming everywhere? Tina and I decided to split up and check out dresses on our own. If we found something, we would report back to each other and to our consultant. After showing the consultant my hundreds of photos, and what I liked and didn’t like about the dresses, she had an idea about my style.

After walking around the Mon Amie Bridal salon, only one dress really caught my eye. I put it down though because it was a long sleeve, and that was not what I had in mind. I met up with Tina and asked if she saw something too, and she mentioned she saw something, but it was long sleeve. Could it be? Did we pick the same dress? Lo and behold, we did! The funny thing was that our consultant was thinking of this dress for me as well, and she just wanted me to find it myself. She brought the dress inside the room, and had me slip it on. It was perfect and sparkled in every way… except I didn’t like the sleeves. She assured me that they could get it altered and removed to my liking. But at this point I didn’t really trust what anyone said, and I didn’t find my “dream dress” -- I went home to the Bay Area empty handed.

After a few days, I couldn’t stop thinking about the long sleeved dress. Could it be that they could alter it to be sleeveless? Should I trust them? I looked up the designer online, and he seemed not to be one of the more popular brands. He was a small studio in New York. I looked up his trunk show, and it was fate -- he was going to be at that same Southern California bridal boutique just a couple weeks later! So I booked a quick one day trip with my best friend to find “the dress.”

I met with Leigh Price from YSA Makino, the designer of the gown that I was falling in love with. I told him what I loved about the gown, my issues with it, and what I wanted it to look like. I showed him the other gowns I’ve tried on, and how I didn’t like it accentuating certain areas, and how traditional it felt. I wanted to be different. He worked with me and sketched out my dream dress, and started pulling apart lace and pinning it together. He verbalized my dream, and I put the custom dress design in his hands. I wanted the traditional feel with the off shoulder sleeves and ballgown, and I wanted the modern, sexy, and sleek feel with the low-cut, illusion front sweetheart bodice. The rest is history!



Photography : White Rabbit Photo Bouqitue