Danielle Keller

BERTA Trunk Show July 6-8

Danielle Keller
BERTA Trunk Show July 6-8


WHERE? Mon Amie Bridal Salon

WHEN? July 6-8


Price Range: 7K and up

How to make an appointment? Call us at (714)546-5700

The Seville collection holds true to Berta's signature look while adding in a bit of romance to the designs; we are also LIVING for the glam this collection brings. Berta has a way of making every gown sexy, yet classy and elegant. 


From Berta

The BERTA Seville collection brings a feeling of sophistication, glam, and daring use of a keen artistic approach to design. One of the many unique trends in this collection is the theme of creating the fabric being used for the dresses. When BERTA designs, it all comes down to the raw materials being used. This is the inspiration behind it all, the starting point to every piece of work. This is where all the magic happens. BERTA challenges herself time and time again to create masterpieces that one can’t even fathom the beauty of. Handcrafted by the finest of artisans, there is a trick to the trade that comes naturally in the fashion house of BERTA.

The F/W 2018 Seville collection is unlike any other, celebrating the design and craftsmanship capabilities to their max, with all dresses made from the finest materials. The glamorous theme of sparkle and shine mixed with classic, timeless silhouettes creates a beautiful versatility. It’s unique to find such vintage styles with new and exciting fabrications. Each and every style is a mix of many different fabrics and embellishments, which is couture in all aspects. It’s a rigorous and long process but worth every minute. You can see Berta’s fingerprints throughout the whole collection.